about time…

Yes I know.  It’s about time I wrote something on here.  It’s been busy in this household as no doubt it is in yours, too.

I’ve decided to slow down a little on the day-to-day jam-making so you’ll still see me about, just not as frequently.  Definitely at the one-off markets and festivals, so keep an eye out on the ‘where I’ll be next’ bit for what’s coming up as there are a few markets happening shortly.

I have been making some of your favourites though, so feel welcome to contact me so I can arrange to get it to you!

Next week will be the Red Onion Chutney making.  So look out for it.

Okay, gotta dash!

Let me know if you would like anything or perhaps a little jam or chutney class!  Would love to hear from you.


Yummy, scrummy almost in my tummy…

Hey Jamsters.  How’s things?

They have most definitely been hotting up in the jam-world I live in.  I’ve been busy replenishing stock, getting ready for the upcoming markets, which I hope I will see you at.

The Cranberry Chutney will be coming soon (am yet to make it, but it will happen) and of course the gorgeous gifts will be coming too.  You’ll start to see my stall become festooned with gifts to give at Christmas – let me know if you’d like anything!

I’ll also be at the local markets and few others around – keep checking in to see where I’ll be.

Okay, off to get the jam off the stove…

See you soon at a market near you 🙂




festivals are coming…

Hello again.  Well here we are at the thin edge of the wedge – getting ready for all the festivals that are arriving sooner and sooner!

Shortly we’ll be at the Leura Village Market in early October, then the Crows Nest Festival, then rolls on Mona Vale, Avalon & Wahroonga markets.  All biggies and your local jam-maker is busy trying to ensure we have enough stock.

Very shortly I will be starting on the Cranberry Chutney to go with your turkey.  It’s one of my faves.  Don’t forget to order up big.  Just give me some notice – email me or call me and we’ll get it done for you!

Let me know what your favourite jam or chutney is – I’d love to make sure it’s in stock for you.

Take care – see you soon at a market or festival near you!

well hello there…

How are you all Jamsters?  I hope you are keeping warm and well…  I have been very glad to have the oven and stove on at the moment, which has been keeping me warm during the day.

There have been some delicious new marmalades made this week:  3 fruit and lemon & cumquat.  I’ve just finished licking the spoons from the Pear & Ginger jam.  I do love this jam.  A definite winter warmer!

Actually next week I will be making some Apple Sauce with rosemary – one of my favourites to make for this time of year and hopefully with enough to get me through to at least the beginning of the silly season of festivals (somehow I doubt it though!).

Last week was a lot of fun with a couple of customers doing a jam and chutney class.  We had fun marrying flavours and talking all things cooking – if you are interested in a small class, let me know.

Right!  I’m off to do the labels and tops on jars for this Friday at the Beaches Market, so I will love you and leave you jamsters.

Avajammyday 🙂

winter has come…

And hasn’t it come with a bang!  Brrrr.  I was cold this morning – it took me forever to get going.  I did, however, finally get to make the Tomato Relish which will be available for this coming Friday at the Beaches Market.

I have also made a heap of Chutney’s:  Pumpkin, Chilli Choko, mild Choko and more Red Onion!  All those fabulous tasty chutneys are easy to use with roasts, stews, stir fries and sandwiches.  Bring on winter and those yummy flavours…

There’s also a few marmalades available:  Ruby Grapefruit, Cumquat & Lemon and Lemon & Lime.  Yum!  More to come next week too.

It’s also Quince season, and yes, I’ve made some Quincealicious – this is one of my favourite jams – very seasonal and very delish…  make sure you get some now before it disappears just as quickly as it arrives.

Saturday we’ll be at the Oakhill Community College at Castle Hill, and we’d love to see you there.

Keep warm jamsters and we’ll see you soon at a market near you!

chutneys galore

Hello Jamsters

I have a load of Chutneys and savoury deliciousnesses awaiting you for this Friday’s Market at the Beaches Market, Warriewood.

If the Jam Gods are with us, there may even be Lemon Butter again – but we’ll see – it may depend on which way the wind is blowing 🙂

We had such a fabulous day at the Leura Harvest Festival, and I’d like to thank all the lovely people who came to see us and those who returned from the previous years – couldn’t do it without you, so thank you!

Oakhill College Gala day at Castle Hill is on the 3 June, and we were asked to participate in that one, so please come out and support us there – it’s our first time and all we know at the moment, is that our location is definitely outside.  Should be a good one.  Would love to see you there.

Quince Jam will be being made probably early next week, and some more Red Onion Chutney – can’t wait to cry all over you – onions.  You’d think I’d be immune by now, wouldn’t you?

Enough from me – don’t forget to check out where we’ll be next and what the current flavours are.

Take care

wild weather, but never fear Peach Jam is here!

Hi Jamsters

Even if the weather is crap at the moment, don’t worry – just get out that yummy toast or scone and spread it thickly with Cheeky Chops’ beautiful jam.  At the moment I’m enjoying the Blueberry Jam.  Really delicious in yoghurt too!

Then if you need a bit of a ‘pick me up’ you can always eat some of my beautiful Chilli Capsicum Jam on your cheese (with your glass of wine) or perhaps on your rice or fish.  I use it in many different ways.  Give it a go.

I will be at The Beaches Market this Friday too, so come along and pick up a beautiful jam or chutney for your weekly needs and see what’s new.

Shortly I’ll be at the Carnival of Cultures held at Ashfield Park on 19 March.  Loads of bands, different things to see and do – bring the family, it’s a great day out.  I’d love to see you there!

Right Jamsters, back to that Peach Jam – tops and labels need doing.  See you soon.